Composition of National Council (Board of trustees)

Mr. Ali S Habib
Chairman Indus Motors

Associated Since 1977 with the family business The house of Habib which is a conglomerate of industrial companies employing approximately 10,000 people. Many of these companies have multinational partners, are listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange and are involved in the automotive, chemical and plastic, packaging, autoparts, jute business, building materials, real estate, consumer products and financial services industries.

At the Group level my responsibilities include looking at the portfolio of businesses with an eye towards future growth through rationalizing businesses, acquisition and joint ventures, human resource planning and providing strategic guidance and direction on the annual and long-term strategies of these companies in order to achieve higher profitability and growth. During this period I was personally involved in restructuring and developing the organization of the various Group Companies.

I am the Chairman of Indus Motor Company Limited and hold Board positions on other. I am also on the Board of Trustees of the Habib Public School. I am also the chairman of Horn Plastics Inc., Canada, a company acquired by the Group in 1998. Horn Plastics is a supplier to the Business Machine (Xerox, Compaq Digital) and automotive (Denso, G.M., Toyota, etc) industries needing plastic molded products and Assemblies.