We charge only Rs. 1000/= (discount is available on affordability) at once as registration and documentation fee and give the following:

To the participants
  • Application form
  • Id card
  • Record book
  • Diary of activities
  • Receipt of payment
  • Award certificate (bearing signature of Award World Founder HRH Prince Philip)
  • Registration form downloading facility
  • Guidance through Website
To the Unit Leader (It may be a Gold Award holder, a teacher / the same school or any Adult Volunteer)

  • Certificate of recognition
  • Eligible for international Training /events
  • On line facility of working for the Completing tasks of Award programme
  • Monetary incentive (10% of the fee) and bonus (Rs.500 per 100 participants)
  • A licence of leadership
To the Principals

  • Certificate of Recognition and honour of operating an internationally recognized Award Programme in the School/Collage.
To a School

  • The School is considered as a Unit of the Award Pogramme and the licence is issued on its name that makes a school member of Awards World.