For School based Entrants the enrolment takes place in a School that is already affiliated with Award Programme. The direct entrants are to contact the zonal office or the National Award Office for their enrolment.


  •   STEP 1
    Fill the form (Click here to Download) and submit that along with 03 photographs and registration fee (Rs.1000 or ask the amount from your unit leader).

  •   STEP 2
    Get your Record Book, ID Card and a diary from your respective zonal office.

  •   STEP 3
    Start your activities for Service, Skill, Physical recreation and Expedition under the guidance of your Unit Leader. Record your activities in a diary. An Entrant completes the Award with the help of an instructor and an assessor they are appointed by the Unit Leader or Unit Leader may do this by him/herself.

  •   STEP 4
    Submit your Record Books Diaries to your Unit Leader for assessment and that upon satisfaction the National Award Office will authorise the Award.

  •   STEP 5
    Clear all your dues, if any (like registration fee, Service charges and expedition Charges etc).

  •    STEP 6
    Get your Award Certificate individually or in an Award presentation ceremony held once in a year and be recognized.