Composition of National Council (Board of trustees)

Secretary of the Board
Mr. Ata-ur-Rehman
National Director & CEO of DEA, Pakistan


Mr. Ata-ur-Rehman born in 1959 and did M.A. in International Relations with first class first position and he also gained LL.B degree. He started his career as a University Lecturer in 1983 and established Department of International Relations in the University of Baluchistan in 1984. In 1986 he got commission in Pakistan Air Force (PAF). In PAF he did six courses with distinctions and worked at various important positions. After retirement from PAF he joined the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Pakistan as National Director (Chief Executive) in 1996. The Award Programme is a high profile organization working in more than 200 countries and it was founded by HRH Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh in 1956 in England. It stands for enhancing leadership potential of the young people of ages 14-25 years. Mr. Ata accepted the challenge of re-organizing the Award Programme and raised a new structure at the national level and now the Award Programme is available in more than 50 cities in Pakistan. He is founder of the Award Programme in Afghanistan and had been a member of tripartite team that laid foundation of the Award Programme in Bangladesh. Mr. Ata served for six years as an elected Representative of the countries of Asia-Pacific Region in the International Council of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award that is Chaired by HRH Prince Edward. He raised Pakistan’s reputation in the Award World by bringing Pakistan at par with other countries in terms of a rapid growth in the Award Programme in Pakistan and attendance of Pakistani delegates in various events. He made possible participation of Pakistani delegates in 73 events held abroad. He has a high profile foreign interaction through the Award Programme that includes various heads of governments, Ministers, Governors, members of the parliaments and high rank diplomats. His participation in the foreign events comprises the following.



  1. Award Leaders’ training in1999(London)
  2. Award Leaders’ Course in 1999(London)
  3. Award Managers’/ National Director s’ Course in 2001(London)
  4. The 6th International Award Forum held in New Zealand in 1997.Led by HRH Prince Philip
  5. The 7th International Award Forum held in South Africa in 2000. Led by HRH Prince Philip
  6. The 8th International award Forum held in Barbados in 2003. Led by HRH Prince Philip Led by HRH Prince Philip
  7. The 9th International award Forum held in Edinburgh in 2006. Led by HRH Prince Edward
  8. The 11th International Award Forum held in Malta in 2012. Led by HRH Prince Edward
  10. Asia-Pacific Regional Board meeting/conference (RBM) held in New Zealand in 1997
  11. India (RBM) in1998
  12. Singapore (RBM) in1999
  13. South Africa (RBM) in 2000
  14. Australia (RBM) in 2001
  15. Hong Kong (RBM) in 2002(In the presence of HRH Prince Edward)
  16. Barbados (RBM) in 2003
  17. Barbados International Council meeting (IC) in 2003( Presided over by HRH Prince Edward)
  18. Malaysia (RBM)in 2004 (In the presence of HRH Prince Edward)
  19. Regional Advisory Board meeting (RAB)in 2004 in Edinburgh
  20. Edinburgh, (IC)in 2004 (Presided over by HRH Prince Edward)
  21. Hong Kong (RBM) in 2005
  22. Bangladesh  in 2006(To establish the award programme in Bangladesh)
  23. Edinburgh  (RBM,& IC)  in 2006
  24. London(IC) 2007(Presided over by HRH Prince Edward)
  25. New Zealand(RBM)in 2007
  26. Bangkok(RBM) in 2008
  27. Sydney(RBM)    in 2009                                                 
  28. Malaysia (National Directors’ Strategic Alliance Forum) in 2010
  29. Malta(RBM) in 2012.
  30. Bangkok(RBM) in 2013


Mr. Ata is having 31 year’s command, staff, instructional and managerial experience.