Composition of National Council (Board of trustees)

Mrs. Sadia Rashid
President Hamdard Foundation Pakistan

  • Chief Mutawallia, Hamdard (WAQF), Pakistan
  • Chairperson, Hamdard Laboratories (WAQF), Pakistan
  • Chairperson, Taj Medical Complex
  • President, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan
  • President, Madinat al-Hikmah (A City education, science and culture)
  • President, Hamdard Education Society
  • President, Pakistan Historical Society
  • National President, Shura Hamdard Pakistan
  • President, Hamdrad Public School
  • President, Hamdard Village School
  • Patron -in-Chief, Pakistan Association of Eastern Meicine

ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION: Studied at St. Joseph’s Convent School and St. Hoseph’s College, Karachi and did M.A. in Sociology from University of Karachi.
LANGUAGES: Urdu and English
INTELLECTUAL PURSUITS: President, Editorial Board of Hamdard
Publications (consisting of journals, magazines and books), Chief Editor, Monthly Hamdard Sehat, Hamdard Naunehal, Quarterly Hamdard Medicus and Hamdard Islamicus.
EDITOR: Essays on Science: Felicitation Volume in honour of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Voelter.
CO-EDITOR: Studies in Pharmacology of Herbal Drugs, Vol. I
Hakim Mohammed Said Collection of Essays, Vols. I-IV
Letters to Quaid-i-Azam, Vols.-III
Letters from Quaid-i-Azam
MEMBERSHIP: Pakistan Hypertension League, Karachi
Pakistan Japan Cultural Association Sindh, Karachi (Vice President)
The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Pakistan (Trustee)
Honorary Life Member of Arts Council

  • Ibn Al-Haitham 1000 Anniversary (Held At Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Dhaka), November, 1969

  • AlBiruni International Congress at Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, 1973.

  • International Congress of Mathematical Sciences at Karachi, 1975.

  • International Congress on Seerat, 1976.

  • The Centenary of Maulana Mohammed Ali Jauhar, 1978.

  • Muzakrah Milli Talimat-e-Nabavi-Khudi, Karachi, 1982.

  • International Symposium on Elements in Health & Disease, Karachi, 1983

  • Muzakrah Milli Talimat-e-Nabavi-Tasawar, Riasalat Islami, Karachi, 1983.

  • Third International Quran Congress, Rawalpindi, 1985.

  • International Youth Congress, Karachi, 1986.

  • Fourth International Conference on Islamic Medicine Pakistan, 1986.

  • Second International Conference on Elements in Health and Disease, Karachi, 1987.

  • International Seminar on the Place of WAQF in Karachi, 1988.

  • International Conference of Muslim Social Scientists, Karachi, 1992.

  • International Symposium of Trace Elements and Liver Diseases, Karachi, 1993.

  • International Children’s Health Conference, Karachi. 1993.

  • International Children’s Health Conference, Karachi. 1994.

  • International Children’s Health Conference, Karachi. 1995.

  • International Children’s Health Conference, Karachi. 1996

  • International Children’s Health Conference, Karachi. 1997

  • International Children’s Health Conference, Karachi. 1998

  • 8th International Children’s Health Conference, Karachi. 1999

  • 9th International Children’s Health Conference, Karachi. 2000

  • Hakim Mohammed Said Memorial Lectures and Symposium Role of Traditional/Alternative Medicine in Health Care—in and Beyaond, 2000 A.D. Karachi, 2000

  • 2nd Hamdard Symposium on Health Care in 3rd Millennium, Karachi, 2000.

  • One Day Seminar Symposium on “Unani Medicine Expanding Medical Horizon,” by Pakistan Association for Eastern Medicine (PAEM) Multan, 2001.

  • One day Symposium Research therapy with Unani Medicine, Lahore, 2001.

  • Seminar World Mental Health Day, Karachi, 2001.

  • 19t Pakistan History Conference, Golden Jublee Session, Karachi, 2001.

  • Alternative Medicine Workshop, Karachi, 2001.

  • Seminar World Tuberculosis Day, Karachi, 2002.

  • 11th international Children’s Health Conference, Karachi , 2002

  • Workshop on interactive Communication on Depression, Karachi, 2002.

  • Symposium on the New Century of Herbal Medicine by (PAEM), Quetta, 2002.

  • 12th International Children’s Health Conference, Islamabad, 2003

  • One day Symposium on Unani Medicine for National Health Care by PAWM, Bahawalpur, 2003.

  • 4th Annual Hamdard Symposum “Environment and Health Hazards, Karachi, December, 2003.

  • 2-day Symposium (Emerging Dimensions of Health Care), Karachi, January, 2004

  • One day Symposium on “Unani Medicine: Expanding Medical Horizon” by PAEM, Peshawar, 2004

  • 13th International Children’s Health Conference, Karachi, 2004

  • Workshop on Current Concepts in Medical Research at Karachi, 2004.

  • International Conference on Muslim Ummah in The Modern World Challenges and Opportunities, 3-5 September, 2004.

  • 4th International Conference on Community Oriented Medical and Dental Educatgion, Karachi, 2004

  • 3rd Biennial Conference on Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Karachi, 2005.

  • One day Symposium on “Unani Medicine: Challenges and Future Perspectives” by PAEM, Faisalabad, 2005

  • 14th International Children Health Conference Peshawar, 7 April, 2005.

  • 20th Pakistan History Conference, Karachi, 13-15 April, 2005.

  • Seminar on Development of Eastern Medicine during the 20th Century by Hamdard Bangladesh, Dhaka, June 2005.

  • International Conference on Women’s Health and Asian Traditional Medicine, Malaysia, August 2005.

  • 52nd Session of the Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean Region WHO, Cairo, 24-27 September 2005.

  • 8th National Symposium of Pakistan Association for Eastern Medicine, Sukkur, 2005.

  • 5th Hamdard Symposium of HCM&D and Hamdard University Hospital, Karachi, December 2005.